The unique series of Berlin SM films: After AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES, ORIGINAL OPTIONS and DEVIANT DETOURS a new attack on mainstream porno! ARTIFFIC ATTACKS shows absolutely vile Berlin skins who know no taboos in their search for new sexual challenges. Hard rituals, the ultimate gangbang, probably the very first fist fuck above the clouds, and the meeting of obscure beings of another kind make ARTIFFIC ATTACKS one of the hottest and most unusual films ever made. View this hardcore flick strictly at your own risk. Jan and Andree have a special present for their lovers Marc and Ralf: they contract a kidnapping with especially rough handling.While Ralf is being held prisoner in a van, Marc is fisted over and over again on a gynaecological chair by a wild bunch of bomber-jacket boys. Later Ralf is dropped off and left in the dark. The two of them are able to get into a strange building. Here they’re attacked by latex devils and fisted in a water tank. They yield to their fate until Ralf is taught a particularly hard lesson with a whip. Marc is able to escape and sees Ralf being taken away. He follows them to an airport, where a plane takes off with Ralf on board. Once in flight, Ralf enters the mile-high fisting club.Marc follows a “faun” into a warehouse where Ralf is being tied to an altar by masked figures. There is a second altar next to it, where Marc is tied up next to Ralf. Then the ritual can begin…

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Groupe de skins en totale déprave - Mecs attachés sur table de torture avec des chaînes, Master habile pour double fist, un mec au bout de chaque poing, puis fist à la chaîne par groupe de mecs cagoulés avant partouze générale.


Tags : Plan HardCaves, citéPartouzes gayFistEntrepotsSkinsCazzo DVD: ARTIFFIC ATTACKS Durée : 18'


Deux skins hardos - Posé sur un sling, un skin les pattes écartées se fait fister par son pote. Dilatation maximale garantie !


Tags : Plan HardBackroom DonjonSlingFistSkinsCazzo DVD: ARTIFFIC ATTACKS Durée : 8'


Plan hard entre deux mâles crânes ras tatoués - Piercing géant dans la bite de l'actif qui rentre son morceau avec un gros anneau en métal dans le cul de son partenaire avant de le démonter avec un gode géant.


Tags : Plan HardSextoysBackroom DonjonSkinsCazzo DVD: ARTIFFIC ATTACKS Durée : 15'